About Ayoola

Ayoola Bakare Face Shot

Ayoola Bakare is A Nigerian-born British Model

With an avid background in modeling, dancing and acting – there’s really no stopping the beautiful Nigerian girl with cheekbones to rival any top model walking the runway, her name is Ayoola Bakare.

Ayoola has graced the pages of several magazines and top photographers portfolios, she’s practiced her acting skills with some of The National Youth Theatre’s best and not to mention – she can execute a beautiful plié on the dance floor.

Not stopping there, Ayoola is now venturing into the production aspect of creative projects. Alongside her dignifying love for performing on stage, she can’t resist the urge of creating something unique and inspiring, therefore turning a simple idea into reality.

As someone coming from a humble beginning, Ayoola isn’t a stranger to adversity. In fact, what sets her apart is the way she’s able to embrace and conquer a challenge with the ambition and grace she carries so well.

Ayoola’s aim is to inspire and show that anything you can ever dream of is possible, with a bit of faith, focus and consistency – she proves this to herself every single day.

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